Nursing Student Must Haves

1. Stethoscope: Stethoscopes are constantly used by a variety of healthcare professionals. You will become a pro very quickly on how to use your stethoscope. Stethoscopes are easily customizable, with different colors of tubing and a wide variety of tubing slip covers to make your stethoscope unique. You will need a good quality stethoscope like MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope. They are beautiful and have a free parts for life program.

2. Watch: This is another necessity for nursing school to track pulse readings. The perfect watch for a nursing student has a large-face analog display with a sweeping second hand. Nurse Mates has the perfect watch which has a one piece silicone strap and even has military time.

3. Planner: It is essential to stay organized during nursing school and a good planner can help with this. Use a planner to track short-term and long-term items, such as assignments, tests, lab hours and exams. This marble and rose gold planner can be customized and it durable.

4. Water Bottle: I could probably do a whole post about the importance of staying hydrated. This bottle can keep water either hot or cold depending on what you prefer. This is a great way to reduce plastic bottle consumption and take care of planet earth.

5. Tote: Between classes and life you are going to be carrying along a bunch of items. You need a good durable bag that is large enough to carry what you need without breaking your back while looking stylish and professional.

6. Pens & Pencils: You are going to be taking a lot of notes. Grab yourself some cute pens and pencils and if they have motivational quotes they are even better. These pencils get you motivated and let you erase any mistakes. So get that hair into a cute bun and get things done.

7. Notepad: As a nursing student you will always be on the go so it is helpful to have a notepad to take quick notes. This notepad is personalized and perfect for when you need to quickly write something down. Throw this in your pocket for easy access to take noted when needed.

8. Badge: One thing you will have to wear on your nursing uniform/scrubs is your name badge. A badge clip will help keep your badge secure and keep it from falling. These ones even have nursing quotes.

xoxoxo Rebekah

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