Am I Crazy?!?

I feel like I am crazy for doing this! Maybe I have too much time on my hands but either way I have been wanting to create a blog for a while now. I was hesitant because this world can be so self absorbing and social media can make us anti-social. I took the plunge though so I guess I will see how this plays out. So a little about me….My name is Rebekah and I am a wife, nursing student, goof ball, sister, daughter, aunt and I am about to go through some major changes in life. I was recently accepted into nursing school and will soon become a full time student. I have been working all my life so to have the opportunity to focus on school and not work is such a blessing. I also have this slight addiction to coffee. Hang around a while and it will be obvious. This blog will have a focus on lifestyle, budget friendly finds, and D.I.Y. So maybe grab a cup of coffee, say Hi and stick around a while. Oh, and my grammar sucks so please do not judge me too hard.


xoxoxo Rebekah

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