15 day blog challenge//Day 1

I can not recall how I came up with this idea but I must have seen it somewhere and thought it would be a fun idea. I saw 30 day challenges when I searched on Google but I do not want to commit to that long of a length so 15 days it is! So the goal is to make a new blog post everyday for the next 15 days and I chose 15 different topics for me to write about. Some are fun and then some might get deep so you will probably get to know me well these next 15 days. So lets jump into this thing!

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WW (Weight Watchers) week in review 4/10/21-4/16/21

Another week bites the dust and it is now time to reflect on our accomplishments and struggles. I have a few amazing treats I am sharing with you today. So make sure you keep reading! How has your week been? Has there been something you have struggled with or maybe you accomplished a goal! Share in the comments so we can encourage and uplift one another!

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How to work with brands when you are not an influencer

When you log onto your social media accounts you are bombarded with influencers pitching products and it can be enticing. How do they get so many free items from companies and paid sponsorships!? Well they made that their job and it can be very hard to create a large following on social media. Darn near impossible. But, I am here to tell you that while you may not get paid to promote items you can 100% work with companies to promote their items and get products for free. This is how to work with brands when you have no influencer status.

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What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand and that brands products. The brand ambassador has the role to promote the brands products with the goal of increasing brand awareness and drive an increase in sales. The role can be filled by an influencer or someone who is a customer. Generally, they are customers who already promote and advocate for the brand before they begin working with them. There are many ways a person can become an ambassador. These include reaching out to the brand, submitting a request or the brand reaching out to the person. If your interested in learning more about how to become a brand ambassador then keep reading.

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WW (Weight Watchers) week in review 4/3/21-4/9/21

What better way to stay motivated then doing weekly check ins on the blog! I thought this would be a great idea to reflect on the week that has passed, see my wins and/or fails and find ways of improvement. I also want to share anything I have discovered on this journey that may help you on yours! Always feel free to leave comments and lets encourage one another!

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How WW is changing my life

I joined WW ( weight watchers) two weeks ago and it has been changing my life. Yes in only two week my life and lifestyle has changed. It is giving me the freedom to enjoy my life and incoporate a healthier lifestyle. I am learning to making better decisions and focus on choosing foods that are better for my health. Yes in only two weeks WW has changed my life.

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Inspirational mantras and affirmations for nurses and nursing students

Mantras and affirmations are both powerful tools that can be used to positively effect the mind. They can be used to increase awareness and support the connection to the self. Use them to set your intentions and motivate yourself throughout the day. They can help you get through a tough time and inspire you to keep pushing. If you are looking for some new mantras or just want to get started here are some phrases to get you started.

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Basic work place etiquette for nurses: 5 simple ways to improve your professional etiquette

When you ponder the qualities needed to be a nurse or work in healthcare what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You are probably thinking critical thinking, clinical competence and even management qualities. Maybe your first thoughts are compassion, empathy, pays attention to details and communication skills. While these are necessary skills that you will build over time as a nurse we often forget about basic professional etiquette. This is not something you learn in college but is vital to building professional relationships in your career. Here are some basics you need to be implementing now!

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March 2021 Favorites: What I’m Loving Now

It is that time again! A new round of what I am loving! I decided to add some items in this month that I have been using for years along with some newer items I already love! Let me know in the comments below if you use any of these products and if you have something you are loving and want to share. I always enjoy checking out new products!

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Why I Rejoined WW (Weight Watchers)

Weight loss requires consistency, motivation, a support system and patience. Slowly shedding the pounds and developing healthy habits is more beneficial for long term weight loss. The end goal should be to lose the weight and maintain the loss but in a healthy way. You need to change your mindset and develop healthy habits with food and exercise. This is why I decided to rejoin weight watchers.

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